Lizzie’s Blog Episode 1.


In the land that is Elizabeth world, life has been a little bit potty this week. Highlights include putting a pie in the face of the manager of Marks and Spencer for Macmillan fund raising and a lovely lady in Southwell on Sunday who gave me a high five.


Taking the dogs for a walk on Monday evening twilight ended in getting smacked in the head with a branch, not usually a problem with my thick skull but i have some stitches in at the moment … Ouch!  and … having both myself and my bathroom being coated in a rather wet cow poo that old Matilda decided would be a nice face-pack. #AustralianCattleDogs, look them up!
Isn’t Daisy a cutee!!
I’ve been invited to my first red carpet event this week, The Nottingham Post Heros  Awards, very excited i get to wear my frock!
Some lovely work has gone out recently including Rachel’s bouquet, which you can see our Instagram, a boho eclectic creation with accessorising flowers to tone. Click here to see all of Rachel’s wedding flowers.
Screen Shot 2017-10-11 at 14.12.12.png
We also have some filming in the store for our Lizzies Bundles range –
Looking forward to this weeks Apprentice, getting my hands dirty decorating has presented its challenges, both in head wear and patience! Attention to detail!
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