Episode 7

In the land that is Elizabeth world, all sorts of interesting things are happening at the moment. We have an event on this week for a client and are doing a little winter wonderland sort of thing,  here is a sneaky peeky of some of the arrangements we are making.


I’ve decided that both myself and my mutts need a little more cardio. So we started to do that running thing again. Now I like to be cheered on but I would much prefer if my backside was not clapping me on from behind. Never the less I have managed to make it round the village, by night of course on 3 occasions!! get me…..  proper Robert DeCastella, (reference Australia 1980s there) think 118 advert.

I’ve been invited to a red carpet event too!!  The Nottingham Women in Business Awards on Thursday, I thought that it isn’t possible for there to be 2 people in this city as refreshingly bonkers as me but I have to say Anmarie  from Annies Burger Shack took the room. Its brilliant to see someone with such love and personality inject it into everything she does and be recognised for all the hard work that often so-one sees. So many of us do this and don’t shout it from the I was so happy to meet so many inspirational people. Thanks so much for the kind invitation much appreciated.

Slight merriment at the end of the evening
I’m going to mention the C word.  Yes Christmas, I looked at the diary today and noticed that next Saturday is the 2nd December. Oh my God.  Just a small mention that we have a late night shopping event in Southwell on the Thursday next week, 30th November, I would love to see you all there. The town comes to life and its so much fun.
Now then, There’s something I want to mention about this weeks The Apprentice.  Its all about Dogs!!!  I am currently sat on my sofa writing this blog with 2 Blue Heelers next to me, I am a self confessed dog nut.  A big thank you goes out to the special people and pooches who quite literally made my Apprentice experience, by giving me the most special day of the entire process.  Thanks to my mate Bettie the Great Dane, Buddy the Beagle and all the rest of you special pooches and persons.
Daisy is 16 months with a soft spot for socks and my mate Matilda is 12
Speaking of dogs, I have noticed a time hop on my social media from this time 4 years ago. whilst renovating my house.IMG_0473
 I’ll leave you with this thought!!
For those of you who aren’t sure a lintel is structural steel that spans doorways etc.

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